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Clarkes Clearances

This site is for our house clearance service  all now in one mobile friendly  website . House clearance doesn’t need to be stressful we deal with everything from bungalow to listed building . We cover from deepest Dorset to  Wiltshire and counties further afield. We quote up front and can empty the house on days convenient to you including weekends . Telephone 07790055660  or click to email

 House Clearance Timing

One of the main factors when planning a house clearance is time, thus ensuring everything goes as smoothly as possible. A rough estimate for  a house clearance is to allow about ½ a day per room that needs to be cleared and cleaned. This may seem a lot but it gives sufficient time to do the job. Many will be much speedier if the family have already removed items   Read More

Important Information

Before a House Clearance: Take care of your confidential documents, as Identity theft is a growing problem. Remove of all bank statements, credit card receipts or health records etc  before or our team will return any found. If you are undertaking a house clearance for a deceased relative, be careful not to shred any documents you might require later.    Read More

About Us

I am a freelance auctioneer often spotted on various TV auction programmes .We visit and provide you with a free quotation where if the value of your items is more than the costs of the clearance I  pay you. We charge disposal on items that cannot be recycled, reused or donated to charities  who will upcycle many items and stop them being landfill   Read More